§ 15.2-105

Penalty and interest for failure to pay accounts when due

Any person failing to pay, pursuant to an ordinance, any account due a locality on or before its due date, other than taxes which are provided for in Title 58.1, may, at the option of the locality, incur a penalty thereon of ten dollars or an amount not exceeding ten percent. The penalty shall be added to the amount of the account due from such person. No penalty shall be imposed for failure to pay any account if such failure was not in any way the fault of the debtor.Interest at the rate of ten percent annually from the first day following the day such account is due may be collected upon the principal and penalty of all such accounts.


1984, c. 520, § 15.1-37.3:6; 1985, c. 342; 1989, c. 366; 1992, c. 229; 1997, cc. 587, 700.


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