§ 15.2-110

Authority to require approval by common interest community association

No locality shall require, prior to the issuance of any permit, certificate, or license, including a building permit or a license for a business, profession, or child care facility, that the governing board of an association subject to the Condominium Act (§ 55-79.39 et seq.), the Property Owners’ Association Act (§ 55-508 et seq.), or the Virginia Real Estate Cooperative Act (§ 55-424 et seq.) consent to the activity for which the permit, certificate, or license is sought. The provisions of this section shall not be applied to limit or otherwise impinge upon the provisions of a condominium instrument as defined in § 55-79.41, the declaration of a common interest community as defined in § 55-528, or the declaration of a real estate cooperative as defined in § 55-426.


2016, cc. 254, 458.


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