§ 15.2-1131

Establishment of personnel system for city administrative officials and employees

Notwithstanding any contrary provisions of law, general or special, in the Cities of Norfolk, Richmond, or Virginia Beach, the city council, upon receiving any recommendations submitted to it by the city manager, may establish a personnel system for the city administrative officials and employees. Such system shall be based on merit and professional ability and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, disabilities, political affiliation or marital status. The personnel system shall consist of rules and regulations which provide for the general administration of personnel matters, a classification plan for employees, a uniform pay plan and a procedure for resolving grievances of employees as provided by general law for either local government or state government employees.


1997, c. 211, § 15.1-37.10; 2007, c. 813.


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