§ 15.2-1231

Centralized competitive purchasing by chief administrative officer

A. The governing body of any county having a chief administrative officer may provide for the centralized competitive purchasing of all supplies, equipment, materials and commodities for all departments, officers and employees of the county, and for the county school board and the local board of social services. For counties not currently engaged in centralized competitive purchasing, the local governing body and the local school board may create a centralized competitive purchasing system only by mutual agreement. Such purchasing shall be done by the chief administrative officer under the supervision of the governing body of the county and shall be accomplished in accordance with Chapter 43 (§ 2.2-4300 et seq.) of Title 2.2.

B. Such governing bodies may establish and maintain such systems of bookkeeping, accounting and controls as are necessary to the proper operation of such system of competitive purchasing and to establish such storage facilities as are necessary therefor.

C. Such governing bodies may require all departments to obtain their supplies, equipment, materials and commodities from the chief administrative officer, on requisitions prescribed by the governing body and to charge such departments therefor.


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