§ 15.2-1243

Governing body to receive, audit and approve claims; warrants

A. The governing body of every county shall receive and audit all claims against the county, except those required to be received and audited by the county school board, and shall, by resolution or recorded vote, approve and order warrants issued in settlement of those claims that are found to be valid; provided that a county administrator, county executive or county manager may sign and issue orders or warrants under such conditions as the governing body may prescribe. Every warrant issued pursuant to the provisions of this section shall bear the date on which the governing body orders it to be issued and shall be made payable on demand, signed by the clerk of the governing body or his deputy, countersigned by the chairman or acting chairman of the governing body, and recorded in the form and manner prescribed by the Auditor of Public Accounts. Such warrant may be converted to a negotiable check by the treasurer, or appropriately designated deputy treasurer, by affixing his signature thereto in conformity with the provisions of § 58.1-3162 and by designating thereon the bank by which it is to be paid.

B. Notwithstanding the requirements of subsection A, the governing body of any county may provide, by resolution, for the drawing of special warrants on the county treasurer, payable out of county funds, in payment of compensation, when such compensation has been earned or is due for (i) all employees and officers under written contract, and all officers elected or appointed for a term of office and their deputies and employees, (ii) upon receipt of certified time sheets or other evidence of services performed, the payment of all other employees whose rates of pay have been established by such governing body or its properly designated agent, or (iii) for payment on contracts for construction projects according to the terms of such contracts. All such special warrants so authorized shall be signed by the clerk of such governing body and countersigned by the chairman of such governing body. Any special warrant may be converted into a negotiable check in the manner provided in subsection A. All such payrolls and contracts so paid shall be reviewed and approved by the governing body at its next regular meeting.

C. The governing body of any county may, in its discretion, destroy the papers constituting any or all claims allowed and paid, upon the expiration of five years after audit in accordance with retention regulations established pursuant to the Virginia Public Records Act (§ 42.1-76 et seq.).


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