§ 15.2-1636.13

Time and manner of payment

A. The salaries fixed in accordance with this article shall be paid in equal monthly installments. The expenses and other allowances of office within the limits fixed by the Board shall be paid monthly on the submission of satisfactory evidence that such expenses and other allowances were actually incurred. All counties and cities shall pay the entire amount of such salaries, expenses and other allowances and, upon notification to the Board, the Commonwealth shall reimburse all such counties and cities for the Commonwealth’s proportionate share of such salaries, compensation, benefits under § 51.1-137, and other expense allowances.

B. In the event a county or city shall fail to make timely payment of the salaries, expenses or other allowances fixed in accordance with the provisions of law applicable thereto, the Board shall withhold all reimbursements for the office or offices affected thereby until such salaries, expenses or other allowances have been paid, unless such county or city has appealed pursuant to § 15.2-1636.8 or § 15.2-1636.9.

C. The Board may provide advance payments on a monthly pro rata basis to any county or city and adjust subsequent monthly advances based on actual expenditures incurred in the preceding month. Should the Board elect to make such advance payments to any locality, then it shall make such advance payments to all localities which request the same.


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