§ 15.2-1721

Disposal of unclaimed firearms or other weapons in possession of sheriff or police

Any locality may destroy unclaimed firearms and other weapons which have been in the possession of law-enforcement agencies for a period of more than 120 days. For the purposes of this section, “unclaimed firearms and other weapons” means any firearm or other weapon belonging to another which has been acquired by a law-enforcement officer pursuant to his duties, which is not needed in any criminal prosecution, which has not been claimed by its rightful owner and which the State Treasurer has indicated will be declined if remitted under the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act (§ 55-210.1 et seq.).At the discretion of the chief of police, sheriff, or their duly authorized agents, unclaimed firearms and other weapons may be destroyed by any means which renders the firearms and other weapons permanently inoperable. Prior to the destruction of such firearms and other weapons, the chief of police, sheriff, or their duly authorized agents shall comply with the notice provision contained in § 15.2-1719.In lieu of destroying any such unclaimed firearm, the locality may donate the firearm to the Department of Forensic Science, upon agreement of the Department.


1990, c. 324, § 15.1-133.01:1; 1997, c. 587; 2015, c. 220.


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