§ 15.2-2108.8


A. Before a municipality may offer cable television service, the governing body of the municipality shall by a majority vote call an election on whether or not the municipality shall provide the proposed cable television services.

B. When under subsection A the governing body calls an election, the election shall be held:

1. At the next municipal general election or as provided in Article 5 (§ 24.2-681 et seq.) of Chapter 6 of Title 24.2 at a local special election the purpose of which is authorized by this section; and

2. In accordance with the law of Virginia regarding elections in Title 24.2 and as provided in this section.

C. The notice of the election shall include with any other information required by law:

1. A summary of the cable television services that the governing body of the municipality proposes to provide to subscribers residing within the boundaries of the municipality;

2. The feasibility study summary under § 15.2-2108.6;

3. A statement that a full copy of the feasibility study is available for inspection and copying; and

4. The location in the municipality where the feasibility study may be inspected or copied.

D. The ballot at the election shall pose the question substantially as follows: “Shall this municipality provide cable television service to the inhabitants of the municipality?”

E. The ballot proposition shall not take effect until submitted to the electorate and approved by the majority of those voting on the ballot.


2003, c. 677.


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