§ 15.2-2118.1

Lien for gas utilities charges and taxes imposed by localities

The governing body of any locality with a municipally-owned gas utility may by ordinance provide that taxes or charges hereafter made, imposed or incurred for gas service within or outside such locality shall be a lien on the real estate served by such gas utility. Where residential rental real estate is involved, no lien shall attach (i) unless the user of the gas utility services is also the owner of the real estate or (ii) unless the owner of the real estate negotiated or executed the agreement by which such gas utility services were provided to the property. Nothing herein shall authorize a locality to require that municipal gas service be contracted for in the name of the owner of residential rental real estate if the lease between the owner and any tenant for such residential rental real estate provides that the tenant shall contract for such gas service.


2001, c. 761.


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