§ 15.2-2120

Enforcement of liens for water or sewer charges

A. Any lien for water and sewer charges when properly docketed in the clerk’s office may be enforced in the same manner as taxes due a locality or by cutting off water or sewer service provided the public health or safety will not be endangered thereby.

B. Such lien shall not bind or affect a subsequent bona fide purchaser of such real estate for valuable consideration without actual notice of such lien, until and except from the time that the amount of such fees and charges are entered in a judgment lien book in the circuit court for the locality wherein the real estate or a part thereof is located. It shall be the duty of the circuit court clerk to cause entries to be made and indexed therein from time to time upon certification by the locality.

C. Such lien on any real estate may be discharged by the payment to the locality of the total amount of such lien and the interest which may accrue to the date of such payment. It shall be the duty of the locality to deliver a certificate thereof to the person paying the same, and upon presentation thereof, the clerk having the record of such lien shall mark the entry of such lien satisfied.


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