§ 15.2-2137

Special court; hearing and decision

A. The special court shall hear the case upon the evidence introduced as evidence is introduced in civil cases.

B. The special court shall determine the necessity for and expediency of the acquisition of land or other proposed action and the best interests of the parties.

C. If a majority of the special court is of the opinion that the proposed action is not necessary or expedient, the petition shall be dismissed. If a majority of the court is satisfied of the necessity for and expediency of the proposed action, it shall determine the terms and conditions of the action and shall enter an order granting the petition. In all contested cases, the special court shall render a written opinion. The order granting the petition shall set forth in detail all such terms and conditions upon which the petition is granted.


1976, c. 69, § 15.1-37.1:3; 1979, c. 671; 1997, c. 587.


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