§ 15.2-2209.2

Public infrastructure maintenance bonds

In order to protect existing public infrastructure, the City of Charlottesville may by ordinance require public infrastructure maintenance bonds from developers and property owners in conjunction with the construction of single-family and two-family homes in instances where the provisions of a subdivision ordinance are not applicable and all required performance and maintenance bonds have been released. Such maintenance bonds shall not exceed an amount reasonably necessary to maintain and repair publicly owned streets, sidewalks, and infrastructure depicted or provided for in the approved plan, plat, permit application, or similar document for which such bond is applicable, on site or immediately adjacent to the construction, and shall not be used for the purpose of repairing damage to infrastructure that preexisted the construction, unless otherwise agreed upon by the developer, property owner, and the locality. The maximum bond shall not exceed $ 5,000 and shall only be required at the time of issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The ordinance shall make provision for the inspection of bonded improvements within five business days of completion and the release of any performance guarantee within five business days of such inspection.


2011, cc. 692, 711.


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