§ 15.2-2288.5

Meaning of “cemetery” for purposes of zoning

A. A “cemetery” for purposes of this chapter shall have the meaning set forth in § 54.1-2310.

B. Nothing in this section shall exempt a licensed funeral home or cemetery from any applicable zoning regulation.

C. The following uses shall be included in the approval of a cemetery without further zoning approval being required: all uses necessarily or customarily associated with interment of human remains, benches, ledges, walls, graves, roads, paths, landscaping, and soil storage consistent with federal, state, and local laws on erosion sediment control.

D. Mausoleums, columbaria, chapels, administrative offices, and maintenance and storage areas that are shown in a legislative approval for the specific cemetery obtained at the request of the owner shall not require additional local legislative approval provided such structures and uses are developed in accordance with the original local legislative approval. This subsection shall not supersede any permission required by an ordinance adopted pursuant to § 15.2-2306 relative to historic districts.


2012, cc. 414, 478.


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