§ 15.2-2290

Uniform regulations for manufactured housing

A. Localities adopting and enforcing zoning ordinances under the provisions of this article shall provide that, in all agricultural zoning districts or districts having similar classifications regardless of name or designation where agricultural, horticultural, or forest uses such as but not limited to those described in § 58.1-3230 are the dominant use, the placement of manufactured houses that are on a permanent foundation and on individual lots shall be permitted, subject to development standards that are equivalent to those applicable to site-built single family dwellings within the same or equivalent zoning district.

B. Localities adopting and enforcing zoning regulations under the provisions of this article may, to provide for the general purposes of zoning ordinances, adopt uniform standards, so long as they apply to all residential structures erected within the agricultural zoning district or other districts identified in subsection A of this section incorporating such standards. The standards shall not have the effect of excluding manufactured housing.

C. Local zoning ordinances adopting provisions consistent with this section shall not relieve lots or parcels from the obligations relating to manufactured housing units imposed by the terms of a restrictive covenant.


1990, c. 840, § 15.1-486.4; 1991, c. 198; 1995, cc. 540, 583; 1997, c. 587.


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