§ 15.2-2294

Airport safety zoning

Every locality (i) in whose jurisdiction a licensed airport or United States government or military air facility is located or (ii) over whose jurisdiction the approach slopes and other safety zones of a licensed airport, including United States government or military air facility extend shall, by ordinance, provide for the regulation of the height of structures and natural growth for the purpose of protecting the safety of air navigation and the public investment in air navigation facilities. The ordinance may be adopted regardless of whether the local governing body has adopted a zoning ordinance applicable to other land uses in the locality. The ordinance may be designed and adopted by the locality as an overlay zone superimposed on any preexisting base zone.The provisions of the airport safety zoning ordinance shall be in compliance with the rules of the Virginia Aviation Board.


1989, cc. 447, 449, § 15.1-491.02; 1990, c. 384; 1997, c. 587.


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