§ 15.2-2299

Same; enforcement and guarantees

The zoning administrator is vested with all necessary authority on behalf of the governing body of the locality to administer and enforce conditions attached to a rezoning or amendment to a zoning map, including (i) the ordering in writing of the remedy of any noncompliance with the conditions; (ii) the bringing of legal action to insure compliance with the conditions, including injunction, abatement, or other appropriate action or proceeding; and (iii) requiring a guarantee, satisfactory to the governing body, in an amount sufficient for and conditioned upon the construction of any physical improvements required by the conditions, or a contract for the construction of the improvements and the contractor’s guarantee, in like amount and so conditioned, which guarantee shall be reduced or released by the governing body, or agent thereof, upon the submission of satisfactory evidence that construction of the improvements has been completed in whole or in part. Failure to meet all conditions shall constitute cause to deny the issuance of any of the required use, occupancy, or building permits, as may be appropriate.


1978, c. 320, § 15.1-491.3; 1983, c. 221; 1997, c. 587.


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