§ 15.2-2401

Creation of service districts by court order in consolidated cities

In any city which results from the consolidation of two or more localities, service districts may, in addition to the method prescribed in § 15.2-2400, be created by order of the circuit court for the city upon the petition of fifty voters of the proposed district, which order shall prescribe the metes and bounds of the district.Upon the filing of a petition the court shall fix a date for a hearing on the question of the proposed service district, which hearing shall embrace a consideration of whether the property embraced within the proposed district will be benefited by the establishment thereof. Notice of such hearing shall be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the city, and the hearing shall not be held sooner than ten days after the last publication. Any person interested may answer the petition and make defense thereto. If upon such hearing the court is of opinion that any property embraced within the limits of such proposed district will not be benefited by the establishment thereof, then such property shall not be embraced therein.Upon the petition of the city council and of not less than 50 voters of the territory proposed to be added, or if such territory contains less than 100 voters, of fifty percent of the voters of such territory, after notice and hearing as provided above, any service district may be extended and enlarged by order of the circuit court for the city which order shall prescribe the metes and bounds of the territory so added.


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