§ 15.2-2403.4

Community improvement districts

A. Any locality may by ordinance, or any two or more localities may by concurrent ordinances, create community improvement districts within the locality or localities by the method prescribed in § 15.2-2400. Any ordinance to create such a district shall include the words “Community Improvement District” in the name of the district. After adoption of an ordinance or ordinances creating a community improvement district, the governing body or bodies shall have all powers with respect to the community improvement district that they possess with respect to service districts.

B. To the extent the governing body of a locality contracts for the provision to a community improvement district of any of the governmental services authorized by subdivisions 1 and 2 of § 15.2-2403, such governing body shall contract with a nonprofit corporation, a majority of whose board members own property in the community improvement district, to provide such service.


2014, c. 736.


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