§ 15.2-2406

How cost assessed or apportioned

The cost of such improvement, when the same shall have been ascertained, shall be assessed or apportioned by the governing body, or by some committee thereof, or by any officer or board authorized by the governing body to make such assessment or apportionment, between the locality and the abutting property owners when less than the whole is assessed, provided that in cities and towns, except when it is otherwise agreed, that portion assessed against the abutting property owner or owners shall not exceed one-half of the total cost; but in cities and towns having a population not exceeding 12,000, the amount assessed shall not exceed three-fourths of the total cost of such improvement, and in the City of Chesapeake and the City of Virginia Beach, the amount assessed shall not exceed the total cost. Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, any portion of the cost of such improvements not funded by such special assessment may be paid from federal or state funds received by the locality for such purpose.


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