§ 15.2-2506

Publication and notice; public hearing; adjournment; moneys not to be paid out until appropriated

A brief synopsis of the budget which, except in the case of the school division budget, shall be for informative and fiscal planning purposes only, shall be published once in a newspaper having general circulation in the locality affected, and notice given of one or more public hearings, at least seven days prior to the date set for hearing, at which any citizen of the locality shall have the right to attend and state his views thereon. Any locality not having a newspaper of general circulation may in lieu of the foregoing notice provide for notice by written or printed handbills, posted at such places as it may direct. The hearing shall be held at least seven days prior to the approval of the budget as prescribed in § 15.2-2503. With respect to the school division budget, which shall include the estimated required local match, such hearing shall be held at least seven days prior to the approval of that budget as prescribed in § 22.1-93. With respect to the budget of a constitutional officer, if the proposed budget reduces funding of such officer at a rate greater than the average rate of reduced funding for other agencies appropriated through such locality’s general fund, exclusive of the school division, the locality shall give written notice to such constitutional officer at least 14 days prior to adoption of the budget. If a constitutional officer determines that the proposed budget cuts would impair the performance of his statutory duties, such constitutional officer shall make a written objection to the local governing body within seven days after receipt of the written notice and shall deliver a copy of such objection to the Compensation Board. The local governing body shall consider the written objection of such constitutional officer. The governing body may adjourn such hearing from time to time. The fact of such notice and hearing shall be entered of record in the minute book.In no event, including school division budgets, shall such preparation, publication and approval be deemed to be an appropriation. No money shall be paid out or become available to be paid out for any contemplated expenditure unless and until there has first been made an annual, semiannual, quarterly or monthly appropriation for such contemplated expenditure by the governing body, except funds appropriated in a county having adopted the county executive form of government, outstanding grants may be carried over for one year without being reappropriated.


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