§ 15.2-2707

Filing of annual financial statements, deficit correction financial plan with State Corporation Commission required

Each group self-insurance pool created in the Commonwealth shall file with the State Corporation Commission and with the members of the pool audited financial statements certified by an independent certified public accountant within 120 days after the end of the pool’s fiscal year. If a group self-insurance pool fails to file the audited financial statements as required, the Commission may perform the audit and the group self-insurance pool shall reimburse the Commission for the cost of the audit.The Commission shall prescribe a uniform reporting format for the preparation of pool-audited financial statements and shall also devise a uniform accounting system to be used by group self-insurance pools. The working papers of the certified public accountant and other records pertaining to the preparation of the audited financial statements may be reviewed by the Commission.If a group self-insurance pool is in a deficit condition, the group self-insurance pool shall promptly file with the Commission a financial plan to correct the deficit condition. If the plan is found to be unacceptable by the Commission and written notice thereof is given to the governing authority of the pool, delinquency proceedings may be commenced and conducted by the Commission in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 15 (§ 38.2-1500 et seq.) of Title 38.2.


1986, cc. 520, 556, § 15.1-503.4:7; 1997, c. 587.


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