§ 15.2-3235


Any order of the Commission regarding future annexation rights of a town shall become final unless either the town or the county or five percent of the registered voters in either jurisdiction, within thirty days of the entry of the order, petition the circuit court to review such order. The circuit court with which the petition is filed shall notify the Supreme Court, which shall appoint a special court to hear the case as provided by Chapter 30 (§ 15.2-3000 et seq.) of this title. The special court shall review such decision and enter any order it deems appropriate. A final order of either the Commission or the court granting the town the right to future annexation through the periodic adoption of ordinances shall operate permanently to divest the town of its rights to become a city.


1979, c. 85, § 15.1-1058.5; 1997, c. 587.


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