§ 15.2-3538

Order for election

When publication of the consolidation agreement or descriptive summary in each of the localities is completed or, in the case of a proposed consolidated new city, when the court has entered an appropriate order under the provisions of subsection A of § 15.2-3526, the respective chief judges of the circuit courts for the counties and for the cities, shall, by order entered of record in each county and city, require the regular election officers of the locality on the day fixed in the order, issued in accordance with Article 5 (§ 24.2-681 et seq.) of Chapter 6 of Title 24.2, which date shall be the same in each of the localities proposing to consolidate, to open a poll and take the sense of the voters of each locality on the question submitted as hereinafter provided. Certification from the owner, editor or manager of each newspaper publishing the agreement or descriptive summary shall be proof of publication.


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