§ 15.2-3701

Agreement required

Before initiating proceedings pursuant to this chapter, a town council shall enter into an agreement with the board of supervisors of the county or counties within which the town is located. The agreement shall provide for the transfer to the county or counties of all of the revenues the town receives, the services it performs, its facilities, including real and personal property, and other assets, including all debts due to the town, and for the assumption by the county or counties of all of the town’s indebtedness, bonded and otherwise.The agreement required by this section may be an agreement between the governing body of the town and the governing bodies of two or more counties or cities, in one or more of which the town is located, which are parties to a consolidation agreement under Chapter 35 (§ 15.2-3500 et seq.) of this title and may provide that the agreement shall be binding on the consolidated jurisdiction upon the effective date of consolidation.


1992, c. 453, § 15.1-965.29; 1997, c. 587.


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