§ 15.2-3912

Optional charter provisions

Any charter adopted pursuant to this chapter may include any of the following provisions:

1. The rate of tax on real property in any territory which is a part of the proposed city shall be lower than in other territory of the proposed city for a period of five years, provided that any difference between such rates of taxation shall bear a reasonable relationship to differences in nonrevenue-producing governmental services giving land urban character which are furnished in such territories.

2. A special tax may be levied on real property for a period not exceeding twenty years in any area specified in the charter. The special tax may be different from and in addition to the general tax rate throughout the entire city and shall be for the purpose of repaying existing indebtedness chargeable to such area prior to the county becoming a city.

3. There shall be a new election of officers for the city whose election and qualification shall terminate the terms of office of the officers of the former county. However, no new election need be held for offices required to be continued by the Constitution, nor for any other office for which a new election is deemed unnecessary.

4. The tax rate on all property of the same class within the city shall be uniform. However, the governing body of the city shall have power to levy a higher tax in such areas of the city that desire additional or more complete services of government than are desired in the city as a whole. The proceeds of the higher tax shall be segregated and expended in the areas in which raised. Such higher tax rate shall not be levied for school, police or general government services but only for those services which prior to the transition were not offered in the whole of the former county.


1979, c. 85, § 15.1-977.13:1; 1997, c. 587.


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