§ 15.2-4407

Withdrawal of land from district of local significance

A. At any time after the creation of an agricultural, forestal, or an agricultural and forestal district of local significance within Fairfax County, any owner of land lying in such district may file a written notice of withdrawal with the local governing body which created the district, and upon the filing of such notice, the withdrawal shall be effective. In no way shall this section affect the ability of an owner to withdraw his land from a proposed district as is authorized by subsection C of § 15.2-4405.

B. Any person withdrawing land from a district located in the Counties of Albemarle, Augusta, Hanover, James City, Loudoun, Prince William, Roanoke, and Rockingham shall follow the withdrawal procedures required by § 15.2-4314.

C. Upon withdrawal of land from a district, the real estate previously included in such district shall be subject to roll-back taxes, as are provided in § 58.1-3237, and also a penalty in the amount equal to two times the taxes determined in the year following the withdrawal from the district on all land previously within the district.

D. Upon withdrawal of land from a district no provisions of the ordinance which created the district shall any longer apply to the lands previously in the district which were withdrawn.

E. The withdrawal of land from a district shall not itself serve to terminate the existence of the district. Such district shall continue in effect and be subject to review as to whether it should be terminated, modified or continued pursuant to § 15.2-4405.


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