§ 15.2-5115

Same; contracts relating to use of systems

An authority may make and enter into all contracts or agreements, as the authority may determine, which are necessary or incidental to the performance of its duties and to the execution of the powers granted by this chapter, including contracts with any federal agency, the Commonwealth, the District of Columbia or any adjoining state or any unit thereof, on such terms and conditions as the authority may approve, relating to (i) the use of any system, or streetlight system in King George County acquired or constructed by the authority under this chapter, or the services therefrom or the facilities thereof, or (ii) the use by the authority of the services or facilities of any system, or streetlight system in King George County owned or operated by an owner other than the authority.The contract shall be subject to such provisions, limitations or conditions as may be contained in the resolution of the authority authorizing revenue bonds of the authority or the provisions of any trust agreement securing such bonds. Such contract may provide for the collecting of fees, rates or charges for the services and facilities rendered to a unit or to the inhabitants thereof, by such unit or by its agents or by the agents of the authority, and for the enforcement of delinquent charges for such services and facilities. The provisions of the contract and of any ordinance or resolution of the governing body of a unit enacted pursuant thereto shall not be repealed so long as any of the revenue bonds issued under the authority of this chapter are outstanding and unpaid. The provisions of the contract, and of any ordinance or resolution enacted pursuant thereto, shall be for the benefit of the bondholders. The aggregate of any fees, rates or charges which are required to be collected pursuant to any such contract, ordinance or resolution shall be sufficient to pay all obligations which may be assumed by the other contracting party.


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