§ 15.2-5147

Powers of localities, etc., to make grants and conveyances to and contracts with authority

Each political subdivision may:

1. Convey or lease to any authority, with or without consideration, any system or portion thereof, or any right or interest in such facilities or any property appertaining thereto, upon such terms and conditions as the governing body determines to be in the best interest of such political subdivision;

2. Contract, jointly or severally, with any authority for the collection, treatment or disposal of sewage, industrial waste or refuse; and grant to such authority the right to receive, use and dispose of all or any portion of the refuse generated or collected by or within the jurisdiction or under the control of such unit; and in implementation of such contract or grant, exercise the powers set forth in §§ 15.2-927 and 15.2-928; and

3. Contract with any authority for shutting off the supply of water furnished by any water system owned or operated by such political subdivision or under its jurisdiction or control to any premises connected with any sewer system of the authority if the owner, tenant or occupant of such premises fails to pay any rates, fees or charges for the use of or for the services furnished by such sewer system within the time or times specified in such contract.


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