§ 15.2-5156

Hearing; notice

A. An ordinance or resolution creating a community development authority shall not be adopted or approved until a public hearing has been held by the governing body on the question of its adoption or approval. Notice of the public hearing shall be published once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the locality. The petitioning landowners shall bear the expense of publishing the notice. The hearing shall not be held sooner than ten days after completion of publication of the notice.

B. After the public hearing and before adoption of the ordinance or resolution, the local governing body shall mail a true copy of its proposed ordinance or resolution creating the development authority to the petitioning landowners or their attorney in fact. Unless waived in writing, any petitioning landowner shall have thirty days from mailing of the proposed ordinance or resolution in which to withdraw his signature from the petition in writing prior to the vote of the local governing body on such ordinance or resolution. If any signatures on the petition are so withdrawn, the local governing body may pass the proposed ordinance or resolution only upon certification by the petitioners that the petition continues to meet the requirements of § 15.2-5152. If all petitioning landowners waive the right to withdraw their signatures from the petition, the local governing body may adopt the ordinance or resolution upon compliance with the provisions of subsection A and any other applicable provisions of law.


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