§ 15.2-5602

Creation of authorities

A. A locality may by ordinance or resolution, or two or more localities, may by concurrent ordinances or resolutions, signify their intention to create an authority under an appropriate name and title containing the word “authority.” Each participating locality shall hold a public hearing, notice of which shall be given by publication at least once, not less than ten days prior to the date fixed for the hearing, in a newspaper having general circulation in the locality. The notice shall contain a brief statement of the substance of the proposed authority, shall set forth the proposed articles of incorporation of the authority and shall state the time and place of the public hearing. The locality, by resolution, may call for a referendum on the question of the creation of an authority, which shall be held as provided by § 24.2-681 et seq. When a referendum is to be held in more than one locality, the referendum shall be held on the same date in all of such localities.

B. The articles of incorporation shall set forth:

1. The name of the authority and address of its principal office.

2. A statement that the authority is created under this chapter.

3. The name of each participating locality.

4. The names, addresses and terms of office of the first members of the authority.

5. The purpose or purposes for which the authority is to be created.

C. Passage of such ordinance or resolution by the governing body or governing bodies shall constitute the authority a body politic and corporate of the Commonwealth.

D. Any locality may become a member of an existing authority, and any locality which is a member of an existing authority may withdraw therefrom, but no locality shall be permitted to withdraw from any authority that has outstanding obligations unless United States securities have been deposited for their payment or without the unanimous consent of all holders of the outstanding obligations.

E. Having specified the initial purpose or purposes of the authority in the articles of incorporation, the governing bodies of the participating localities may, from time to time by subsequent ordinance or resolution, after public hearing, modify the articles of incorporation and the purpose or purposes specified therein. Such modification may be made either with or without a referendum.


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