§ 15.2-5802

Members of Authority; chairman; terms

A. The Authority shall consist of nine members who shall be appointed by the Governor, and the Governor shall designate one of the members as chairman. The members of the Authority annually shall elect a vice-chairman from their membership who shall perform the duties of the chairman in his absence. In making appointments to the Authority, the Governor shall ensure that the geographic areas of the Commonwealth are represented; however, in the event a major league baseball stadium is proposed, at least four members of the Authority shall be residents of the county or city in which the facility is proposed to be located. The appointments of the members by the Governor shall be confirmed in accordance with § 2.2-107.

B. The term of a member of the Authority is four years. However, upon the initial appointment of the members of the Authority, the terms of the members shall be staggered as follows: The initial term of three of the members shall be four years; the initial term of three members shall be three years; and the initial term of the remaining three members shall be two years. The Governor shall designate the term to be served by each appointee at the time of appointment.At the end of a term, a member shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed and qualifies. A member who is appointed after a term has begun serves only for the rest of the term and until a successor is appointed and qualifies. Upon the end of the term of a member, or upon the resignation or removal of a member, the Governor shall appoint a member to the Authority. The Governor may remove a member for cause in accordance with § 2.2-108. The members of the Authority shall receive no compensation for their services, but a member may be reimbursed by the Authority for reasonable expenses actually incurred in the performance of the duties of that office.


1992, c. 823, § 15.1-227.72; 1995, cc. 613, 629; 1997, c. 587.


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