§ 15.2-5807

Acquisition of property

A. The Authority may acquire in its own name, by gift or purchase, any real or personal property, or interests in property, necessary or convenient to construct or operate any facility.

B. In any jurisdiction where planning, zoning, and development regulations may apply, the Authority shall comply with and is subject to those regulations to the same extent as a private commercial or industrial enterprise.

C. This section does not affect the right of the Authority to acquire an option for acquisition of the property, prior to 2000, once the approval required by this section is obtained.

D. Any locality shall have the power to acquire by eminent domain, in the manner and in accordance with the procedure provided in Chapter 2 (§ 25.1-200 et seq.) of Title 25.1, any real property, including fixtures and improvements, and personal property, including any interest, right, easement, or estate therein, located within such locality for public purposes. For purposes of this section, public purpose means the construction and operation of any facility, as defined in § 15.2-5800, when determined by the governing body of such locality that the construction and operation of such a facility would enhance the economic development, resources, or advantages of the locality. In furtherance of this public purpose, the locality may convey any such real property, including fixtures and improvements, and personal property acquired pursuant to this section to the Authority, by sale, gift or lease, upon terms mutually agreed upon by the Authority and the locality. The Authority and locality may enter into agreements regarding the initiation and prosecution of such condemnation proceedings, including payment and reimbursement of any costs, fees, expenses, or awards resulting from the proceedings. Upon the written request of the Authority, the locality in which the stadium site is proposed may, by majority vote, exercise its power of eminent domain as provided herein.


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