§ 15.2-6021

Southwest Regional Recreation Area rangers

The board may appoint qualified persons as Southwest Regional Recreation Area rangers. The ranger may enforce the rules adopted by the Board and issue civil penalties for violations thereof and further be eligible for appointment as a special conservator of the peace in accordance with § 19.2-13 as necessary and proper to protect and enforce the safe use and enjoyment of the properties under the use and control of the Southwest Regional Recreation Area Authority. The ranger may preserve law and order on any premises that is part of the Southwest Regional Recreation Area, any immediately adjacent property of landowners who are making land available for public use under agreement with the Authority, and on streets, highways, or other public lands utilized by the trails, parking areas, or related recreational facilities and other immediately adjacent public lands. The assignment of rangers to the duties authorized by this section shall not supersede the authority of any law-enforcement officers. The salary of all rangers shall be paid by the board. The board shall furnish each ranger with an official uniform to be worn while on duty and shall furnish and require each ranger while on duty to wear a shield with an appropriate inscription and to carry credentials certifying the person’s identity and authority as a ranger.


2008, cc. 645, 648; 2009, c. 720.


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