§ 15.2-726

Acquisition of easements

A. The board is hereby authorized, without limiting its authority to acquire by other means, to acquire by gift or purchase easements in gross or such other interest in real estate as are designed to maintain (i) the character and use of improved real property as rental property and not in a cooperative or condominium form of ownership or (ii) the market rents of a portion of the units in any multi-family residential property at a percentage of the market rent for the remaining units in the multi-family residential property, such percentages to be defined and stated in the easement; however, no property or interest therein shall be acquired by eminent domain by any public body for the purposes of provision (ii). However, this provision shall not limit the power of eminent domain as it was possessed by any public body prior to passage of provision (ii). Any such interest shall be for the minimum period specified by the county board and may be perpetual.

B. The county manager is hereby authorized to acquire, on behalf of the board, temporary construction easements, provided that such easements are (i) required for a construction project authorized by the board; (ii) of a duration that will end before or upon the completion of the project; and (iii) for nominal consideration.


1983, c. 364, § 15.1-687.4; 1991, c. 143; 1997, c. 587; 2004, cc. 22, 510.


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