§ 15.2-733

Summons for violations of litter control ordinances

The board may adopt by ordinance procedures and a schedule of penalties so that the county manager or his designee may issue notices of violation for litter control ordinances. Before any summons is issued for the prosecution of a violation, the violator shall be notified by mail at his last known address that he may pay the fine, established by county ordinance, within five days of receipt of such notice to the county treasurer, and that the officer issuing the summons shall be notified that the violator has failed to pay such fine within such time. The notice to the violator, required by the provisions of this section, shall be contained in an envelope bearing the words “Law Enforcement Notice” stamped or printed on the face thereof in type at least one-half inch in height. The county manager may delegate the notification responsibility and the authority to make and enforce rules and regulations to the appropriate administrative official or employees.


1986, c. 293, § 15.1-687.11; 1997, c. 587.


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