§ 15.2-741

Regulation of child-care services and facilities in certain counties

A. The board may by ordinance provide for the regulation and licensing of (i) persons who provide child-care services for remuneration and (ii) child-care facilities. “Child-care services” includes regular care, protection, or guidance during a part of a day to one or more children, not related by blood or marriage to the provider of services, while they are not attended by their parent, guardian, or person with legal custody. “Child-care facilities” includes any commercial or residential structure which is used to provide child-care services for remuneration. However, such ordinance shall not require the regulation or licensing of any facility operated by a religious institution as exempted from licensure by § 63.2-1716.

B. Such ordinance may be more restrictive or more extensive in scope than statutes or state regulations that may affect child-care services or child-care facilities, provided that such ordinance shall not impose additional requirements or restrictions on the construction or materials to be used in the erection, alteration, repair, or use of a residential dwelling.


1990, c. 545, § 15.1-687.19; 1997, c. 587.


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