§ 15.2-743

Fee for certain vacations, encroachments, and abandonments

A county may charge a fee for processing applications for vacations as provided for in § 15.2-2273, applications for encroachments as provided for in § 15.2-2012, and petitions for abandonments under § 33.2-917. The fee for processing such applications and petitions shall be, at the county’s discretion, either the amount provided in § 15.2-2273, the amount provided in § 15.2-2012, or an amount not to exceed the county’s demonstrable costs for such processing, which costs may include title examination and appraisal of the property that is the subject of the application or petition. In lieu of including such costs in the application fee, the county may require submission of a title examination and appraisal by the applicant or petitioner.


1991, c. 143, § 15.1-687.21; 1997, c. 587; 2005, cc. 40, 84.


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