§ 15.2-7503

Board of directors; qualifications; terms; vacancies; compensation and expenses

A. Each land bank entity created pursuant to the Act shall be governed by a board of not less than five members appointed by the governing body of the participating locality. When a land bank entity is created by two or more localities, the governing body of each locality shall appoint at least two members, one of whom may be a member of the governing body. After initial staggered terms, the term of all board members shall be four years. When one or more additional localities join an existing land bank entity, each of such participating localities shall be represented by not less than two members on the board. The first members shall be appointed immediately upon the admission of the locality into the land bank entity in the same manner as were the initial members of the land bank entity.

B. The board shall elect one of its members to serve as chairman and one of its members to serve as vice-chairman and shall elect a secretary and a treasurer who need not be members of the board. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be combined. A majority of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum, and the vote of a majority of such quorum shall be necessary for any action taken by the land bank entity. No vacancy in the membership of the board shall impair the right of a quorum to exercise all the rights and perform all the duties of the land bank entity.

C. The localities that created or thereafter join the land bank entity, by ordinance or concurrent ordinances, may provide for the payment of compensation to the members of the board and for the reimbursement to each member of the land bank entity the amount of his actual expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of that member’s duties.


2016, cc. 159, 383.


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