§ 15.2-819

Demolition of historic structures; civil penalty

A county may adopt an ordinance which establishes a civil penalty for the demolition, razing or moving of a building or structure which is located in an historic district or which has been designated by the governing body as an historic structure or landmark without the prior approval from either the architectural review board or the governing body as provided by subdivision A 2 of § 15.2-2306.The civil penalty imposed for a violation of such an ordinance shall not exceed the market value of the property as determined by the assessed value of the property at the time of the destruction or removal of the building or structure. Such value shall include the value of any structures and the value of the real property upon which any such structure or structures were located. Such ordinances may be enforced by the county attorney by bringing an action in the name of the county in the circuit court. Such actions shall be brought against the party or parties deemed responsible for the violation. It shall be the burden of the county to show the liability of the violator by a preponderance of the evidence.Nothing in this section shall preclude action by the zoning administrator under subdivision A 4 of § 15.2-2286 or action by the board under § 15.2-2208.


1991, c. 201, § 15.1-499.2; 1997, c. 587.


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