§ 15.2-958.1

Sale of certain property in certain cities

A. The City of Richmond may by ordinance provide for the sale of property for the nominal amount of one dollar if such property (i) has been acquired in accordance with § 58.1-3970 or § 58.1-3970.1 or (ii) has been declared a blighted structure and has been acquired by the city in accordance with § 36-49.1:1.

B. If the city sells a property acquired under subsection A, the city shall require any purchaser by covenants in the deed or other security instrument to (i) begin repair or renovation of the property within six months of purchase and (ii) complete all repairs or renovations necessary to bring the property into compliance with the local building code within a period not to exceed two years of the purchase. The city may include any additional reasonable conditions it deems appropriate in order to carry out the intent of this section and assure that the property is repaired or renovated in accordance with applicable codes.

C. A “blighted structure” means a structure as defined in § 36-49. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, such city may exercise within its boundaries any spot blight abatement procedures set forth in § 36-49.1:1. The owner shall have the opportunity to take corrective action or present a reasonable plan to do so in accordance with such section.


2000, c. 364; 2007, c. 813.


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