§ 15.2-965.1

Participation of small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses

A. Any locality may enact an ordinance providing that whenever there exists (i) a rational basis for small business enhancement, or (ii) a persuasive analysis that documents a statistically significant disparity between the availability and utilization of women-owned and minority-owned businesses, the chief executive of the local governing entity shall be authorized and encouraged to require implementation of appropriate enhancement and remedial measures consistent with prevailing law.

B. A small, women-owned, or minority-owned business that is certified by the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity pursuant to § 2.2-1606 shall not be required by any locality to obtain any additional certification to participate in any program designed to enhance the participation of such businesses as vendors or to remedy any documented disparity.


2004, cc. 865, 891; 2006, cc. 831, 921; 2009, c. 869; 2013, c. 482.


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