General Provisions For Certain Officers And Employees

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions For Certain Officers And Employees.” It is part of Title 15.2, titled “Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Powers Of Local Government.” It is part of Chapter 15, titled “Local Government Personnel, Qualification For Office, Bonds, Dual Office Holding And Certain Local Government Officers.” It’s comprised of the following 27 sections.

§ 15.2-1500
Organization of local government
§ 15.2-1501
Designation of officers to perform certain duties
§ 15.2-1502
Employment of certain deputies and assistants; delegation of powers and duties
§ 15.2-1503
Tenure of officers and employees; suspension or removal
§ 15.2-1503.1
Background checks required for certain employees and licensees
§ 15.2-1504
Use of tobacco products by government employees
§ 15.2-1505
Employment based on residency prohibited for certain employees
§ 15.2-1505.1
Applicant preemployment information
§ 15.2-1505.2
Personnel policies related to the use of public property
§ 15.2-1506
Establishment of grievance procedure, personnel system and uniform pay plan for employees
§ 15.2-1507
Provision of grievance procedure; training programs
§ 15.2-1507.1
Appointment of standing panel in certain counties
§ 15.2-1508
Bonuses for employees of local governments
§ 15.2-1508.1
Traveling expenses on business of town, city or county
§ 15.2-1508.2
Same; where Commonwealth bears portion of expenses
§ 15.2-1508.3
Governing bodies of certain cities and counties may supplement salaries and reimburse traveling expenses of employees of state and local health departments
§ 15.2-1508.4
Certain counties and cities may supplement salaries and reimburse traveling expenses of employees of state mental health clinics
§ 15.2-1509
Preferences for veterans in local government employment
§ 15.2-1510
Retirement systems
§ 15.2-1510.1
Public announcement of severance packages for certain officials
§ 15.2-1511
Allowances to injured officials and employees and their dependents
§ 15.2-1511.01
Allowances to injured deputy sheriffs
§ 15.2-1511.1
Written benefit information to certain employees
§ 15.2-1512
Oath and bond
§ 15.2-1512.2
Political activities of employees of localities, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and law-enforcement officers and certain other officers and employees
§ 15.2-1512.3
Telecommuting by local government employees
§ 15.2-1512.4
Rights of local employees to contact elected officials