Land Subdivision And Development

This is Article 6 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Land Subdivision And Development.” It is part of Title 15.2, titled “Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Powers Of Local Government.” It is part of Chapter 22, titled “Planning, Subdivision Of Land And Zoning.” It’s comprised of the following 46 sections.

§ 15.2-2240
Localities to adopt ordinances regulating subdivision and development of land
§ 15.2-2241
Mandatory provisions of a subdivision ordinance
§ 15.2-2241.1
Bonding requirements for the acceptance of dedication for public use of certain facilities
§ 15.2-2242
Optional provisions of a subdivision ordinance
§ 15.2-2243
Payment by subdivider of the pro rata share of the cost of certain facilities
§ 15.2-2243.1
Payment by developer or subdivider
§ 15.2-2244
Provisions for subdivision of a lot for conveyance to a family member
§ 15.2-2244.1
Additional method for subdivision of a lot for conveyance to a family member
§ 15.2-2244.2
Subdivision of a lot of property held in trust for a family member
§ 15.2-2245
Provisions for periodic partial and final release of certain performance guarantees
§ 15.2-2245.1
Stormwater management ponds; removal of trees
§ 15.2-2246
Site plans submitted in accordance with zoning ordinance
§ 15.2-2247
Applicability of subdivision ordinance to manufactured homes
§ 15.2-2248
Application of certain municipal subdivision regulations beyond corporate limits of municipality
§ 15.2-2249
Application of county subdivision regulations in area subject to municipal jurisdiction
§ 15.2-2250
Disagreement between county and municipality as to regulations
§ 15.2-2251
Local planning commission shall prepare and recommend ordinance; notice and hearing on ordinance
§ 15.2-2252
Filing and recording of ordinance and amendments thereto
§ 15.2-2253
Preparation and adoption of amendments to ordinance
§ 15.2-2254
Statutory provisions effective after ordinance adopted
§ 15.2-2255
Administration and enforcement of regulations
§ 15.2-2256
Procedure to account for fees for common improvements
§ 15.2-2257
Procedure to modify certain covenants in certain counties [Not set out.]
§ 15.2-2258
Plat of proposed subdivision and site plans to be submitted for approval
§ 15.2-2259
Local planning commission to act on proposed plat
§ 15.2-2260
Localities may provide for submission of preliminary subdivision plats; how long valid
§ 15.2-2261
Recorded plats or final site plans to be valid for not less than five years
§ 15.2-2261.1
Recorded plat or final site plans; conflicting zoning conditions
§ 15.2-2262
Requisites of plat
§ 15.2-2263
Expedited land development review procedure
§ 15.2-2264
Statement of consent to subdivision; execution; acknowledgment and recordation; notice to commissioner of the revenue or board of real estate assessors
§ 15.2-2265
Recordation of approved plat as transfer of streets, termination of easements and rights-of-way, etc
§ 15.2-2266
Validation of certain plats recorded before January 1, 1975
§ 15.2-2267
Petition to restrict access to certain public streets
§ 15.2-2268
Localities not obligated to pay for grading, paving, etc
§ 15.2-2269
Plans and specifications for utility fixtures and systems to be submitted for approval
§ 15.2-2270
Vacation of interests granted to a locality as a condition of site plan approval
§ 15.2-2271
Vacation of plat before sale of lot therein; ordinance of vacation
§ 15.2-2272
Vacation of plat after sale of lot
§ 15.2-2273
Fee for processing application under § 15.2-2271 or § 15.2-2272
§ 15.2-2274
Effect of vacation under § 15.2-2272
§ 15.2-2275
Relocation or vacation of boundary lines
§ 15.2-2276
Duty of clerk when plat vacated
§ 15.2-2277
Franklin County may require that notice be given to deed grantees of certain disclaimers regarding responsibility for roads; county eligible to have certain streets taken into secondary system [Not set out.]
§ 15.2-2278
Vacating plat of subdivision
§ 15.2-2279
Ordinances regulating the building of houses and establishing setback lines