§ 16.1-135

Bail and recognizance; papers filed with circuit court

A person who has been convicted of an offense in a district court and who has noted an appeal, either at the time judgment is rendered or subsequent to its entry, shall be given credit for any bond that he may have posted in the court from which he appeals and shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 (§ 19.2-119 et seq.) of Chapter 9 of Title 19.2. Any new bond which may be required for the release of such person pending the appeal shall be given before the judge or the clerk of the district court and treated in accordance with Article 1 of Chapter 9 of Title 19.2; however, if the judge or clerk is not available to take the bond, the bond may be given before a magistrate serving the jurisdiction. Whenever an appeal is taken and the ten-day period prescribed by § 16.1-133 has expired the papers shall be promptly filed with the clerk of the circuit court.


1956, c. 555; 1981, c. 159; 1999, cc. 829, 846; 2008, cc. 551, 691.


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