§ 16.1-223

Receipt, etc., of data; forms for reports; confidentiality

A. The Virginia Juvenile Justice Information System shall receive, classify and file data reported to it pursuant to § 16.1-224. The Director is authorized to prepare and furnish to all court service personnel automated data processing equipment, which shall be used for making the data submissions.

B. Data stored in the VirginiaJuvenile Justice Information System shall be confidential, and information from such data that may be used to identify a juvenile may be released only in accordance with §16.1-300.The data submissions may be made available to the Central Criminal Records Exchange or any other automated data processing system, unless the data is identifiable with a particular juvenile. The State Board of Juvenile Justice shall promulgate regulations governing the security and confidentiality of the data submission.


1976, c. 589; 1978, c. 684; 1988, c. 541; 2001, cc. 203, 215.


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