§ 16.1-258

Bonds and forfeitures thereof

All bonds and other undertakings taken and approved by any judicial officer as defined in § 19.2-119, either for the appearance of any person or for the performance of any other duty or undertaking set forth in the bond, shall be valid and enforceable even if the principal in the bond shall be a person under eighteen years of age. In the event of a failure upon the part of the principal or sureties in any bond taken in such court to faithfully carry out and discharge the undertakings of such bond, the judge shall have the right to declare the bond forfeited in accordance with § 19.2-143. The complainant in nonsupport cases shall not be required to furnish an indemnifying bond.


Code 1950, § 16.1-189; 1956, c. 555; 1973, c. 440; 1977, c. 559; 1986, c. 26.


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