§ 16.1-319

Acquisition of property by commission

The commission shall have the right to acquire by eminent domain any real property, including fixtures and improvements, which it may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this article, after the adoption by it of a resolution declaring that the acquisition of the property described therein is in the public interest and necessary for public use; provided, however, that no such real property shall be so acquired or such facility established within the territorial limits of such political subdivision without the approval, after public hearing, of the governing body of such political subdivision.Subject to the provisions of § 25.1-102, property already devoted to a public use may be acquired, provided, that no property belonging to any county or city, religious corporation, unincorporated church or charitable corporation may be acquired without its consent.


Code 1950, § 16.1-202.6; 1977, c. 559; 2003, c. 940; 2006, c. 673.


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