§ 16.1-340.4

Involuntary commitment; preadmission screening report

The juvenile and domestic relations district court shall require a preadmission screening report from the community services board that serves the area where the minor resides or, if impractical, where the minor is located. The report shall be prepared by an employee or designee of the community services board. The report shall be admitted as evidence of the facts stated therein and shall state (i) whether the minor has mental illness and whether, because of mental illness, the minor (a) presents a serious danger to himself or others to the extent that severe or irremediable injury is likely to result, as evidenced by recent acts or threats, or (b) is experiencing a serious deterioration of his ability to care for himself in a developmentally age-appropriate manner, as evidenced by delusionary thinking or by a significant impairment of functioning in hydration, nutrition, self-protection, or self-control; (ii) whether the minor is in need of compulsory treatment for a mental illness and is reasonably likely to benefit from the proposed treatment; (iii) whether inpatient treatment is the least restrictive alternative that meets the minor’s needs; and (iv) the recommendations for the minor’s placement, care, and treatment including, where appropriate, recommendations for mandatory outpatient treatment. The board shall provide the preadmission screening report to the court prior to the hearing, and the report shall be admitted into evidence and made part of the record of the case.


2010, cc. 778, 825.


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