§ 16.1-343

Involuntary commitment; duties of attorney for the minor

As far in advance as practicable after an attorney is appointed to represent a minor under this article, the minor’s attorney shall interview the minor; the minor’s parent, if available; the petitioner; and the qualified evaluator. He shall interview all other material witnesses, and examine all relevant diagnostic and other reports.Any state or local agency, department, authority or institution and any school, hospital, physician or other health or mental health care provider shall permit the attorney appointed pursuant to this article to inspect and copy, without the consent of the minor or his parents, any records relating to the minor whom the attorney represents.The obligation of the minor’s attorney during the hearing or appeal is to interview witnesses, obtain independent experts when possible, cross-examine adverse witnesses, present witnesses on behalf of the minor, articulate the wishes of the minor, and otherwise fully represent the minor in the proceeding. Counsel appointed by the court shall be compensated in an amount not to exceed $ 100.


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