§ 16.1-69.22:1

Temporary recall of retired district court judges

A. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may call upon and authorize any judge of a district court who is retired under the Judicial Retirement System (§ 51.1-300 et seq.) to (i) hear a specific case or cases pursuant to the provisions of § 16.1-69.35 with such designation to continue in effect for the duration of the case or cases or (ii) perform, for a period not to exceed ninety days at any one time, such judicial duties in any district court as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall deem in the public interest for the expeditious disposition of the business of such courts.

B. It shall be the obligation of any retired judge who is recalled to temporary service under this section and who has not attained age seventy to accept the recall and perform the duties assigned. It shall be within the discretion of any judge who has attained age seventy to accept such recall.

C. Any judge recalled to duty under this section shall have all the powers, duties, and privileges attendant on the position he is recalled to serve.


1990, c. 832; 2014, c. 776.


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